Borbonese is a historic Italian brand with a strong heritage. It was founded in Turin in 1910 as a fashion house producing handbags, jewelry and accessories, and soon became a leading Italian luxury brand expressing both class and elegance.

A distinguishing feature of the Borbonese collection is the bird’s eye print, or OP, a symbol and trademark of the brand. Born in the Seventies, the OP texture remains the emblem of the brand together with other features such as rivets, the screw and the stirrup, which combined with the historical iconic bags linked to its beginnings – the Luna, Sexy and Sexy Extensible models

– have made Borbonese one of the most famous brands in the Italian fashion industry.

Borbonese has always combined the finest materials and most sophisticated manufacturing techniques with expert craftsmanship, aimed at emphasizing details. The focus on research, never an end in itself, upon which production and stylistic activities are based, has led to new ways of presenting the historical OP texture. The bird’s eye has always had a unique relationship with the brand and now comes in new and innovative versions, materials and colours. 

(IFA represents Benelux)