Since our start in 1994, we at PBO Group have been dedicated to establishing Philosophy Blues Original as a powerful, high profile brand. All along we have been conscious that a brand can never be better than the product, the management’s visions and the competencies of our employees. In other words, the foundation must be in place to ensure that – seen from the market’s point of view – we stand out with a distinctive profile. In all modesty we are proud to say that we have succeeded despite fierce competition. But our ambitions go further than that. 

A powerful brand carries with it an obligation, a responsibility for the entire organization of the PBO Group. It takes more than simply being focused on our brands and making a difference with our customers. Therefore it is a top priority to team up with the right people.  

But first and foremost we intend to keep making clothing of high quality and a distinctive design. 

(IFA represents Benelux)





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