Mario Valentino Spa was founded by Mario Valentino in Naples in 1952, where the head office still is located today. The company works with its own Trademark in leather goods worldwide, producing footwear, accessories and clothes.

The first shoes brought by the Trademark “Valentino” were made in Naples in the early 20th century by Mario’s father, Vincenzo Valentino, who had been considered one of the best craftsman in the world since the beginning of his valued work. Even King Vittorio Emanuele ordered some shoes from him.

In his small factory in Naples, he created wonderful, made to measure shoes: light, elegant, in demand and very expensive. In fashion anthologies Mario Valentino is remembered as the creator of the legendary stiletto heel and the common woman moccasin.

The founder of Maison Mario Valentino was deeply keen on art and considered fashion as a similar and permeable world. Many artists such as Andy Warhol, Pomodoro and Rauschenberg appreciated and shared this concept. 

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